Who the hell am I?

First up my name is Jacqui Hine (soon to be Tzaras).

I am a Graphic Designer by day that runs a successful small design studio in Richmond, here is my website www.nogrey.com.au. I love what I do, my lifestyle choice and the amazing people that I get to meet along the way. Being a designer allows me to peek inside a wide variety of industries and learn about things I otherwise would not.

I try to live a healthy life and get the most out of what I do. Be kind to others and believe that every person has something special to offer this world. I love meeting people on and offline and I am truly fascinated about the way other live their lives and how we all think so differently. The human body is a wonder of nature!

This blog started out as a way for me to give up my crazy addiction (unknown at the time) to sugar. I now love to blog and will be extending my genre to other categories. Whatever I feel is interesting to say.

What am I interested in? Healthy eating, exercise, music, photography, travel, planning my (Greek) wedding, my dog Pippi and Graphic Design. I love singing, travelling and taking photos and have a burning desire to combine the three all at once! 🙂

Like Ellen says at the end of her show ‘be kind one another’. Amen to that sista! Its easy to be nice, its more effort to man. I’m all for less effort and more smiles.


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