Meet Pippi

Hi Guys,

I’m Pippi. A tri-colour Chihuahua-x-mini fox terrier. Cheeky, lovable and 100% pure cuteness (and I know it).


This is me as a Puppy when I was at my Maximum cuteness.

Everyday I spend at the office with my Mum. I love it there, I get pats and eat treats all day. I do hardly any work except the occasional artwork sign off and photo shoot. I am chauffeured  around on a daily basis behind tinted windows to escape the paparazzi.

pippi at work

‘Yeah guys this brochure is good to go’ – Me in my Art Director role

Manipulation is my game! Weather it be giving the ‘puss-in-boots eyes’, sleeping with my paws crossed or faking a leg injury I pretty much use these tactics to get my way everyday. If I am tied up outside a shop, you can forget about resisting the urge to pat me because I’ve already cast my powers over you before you know it.

Pippi napping

Just having a siesta…

I love walks at the park, the beach is a must and you can sometimes spot me in the fashionable Church St Richmond shopping for a new lounge suite. Hey a Pup has to be comfortable!

My best friends include Gogo, Zoe, Snowy and Grace Kelly. Two of my best friends Edward and George died earlier this year and I miss them. I am also friends with a cat called Simba but keep that on the down-low OK.

Pippi and Gogo

My and my best bud Gogo (kind of my boyfriend) running at the park

Pippi and Snowy

My and my half bother Snowy

Thanks for stopping by my page! Stop by and visit me one day for a pat but make sure you bring me some food.

Pippi :p


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