Sugar free frozen yoghurt pops

Its been ages since my last recipe and blog. Sorry guys! I am right in the middle of planning my wedding and pretty much takes up every ounce of my spare brain power. I have had a few requests to put up some recipes that I have been instagramming (see nogrey on instagram if you want to follow) of late so here is the first of a few to come. Just in time for summer!

Sugar free strawberry frozen yoghurt pops

What you’ll need:
7 large strawberries pureed in food processer.
Handful of ground/chopped almonds
2 teaspoons rice malt syrup
Just over 2 cups of Roaming Cow natural yoghurt (or natural/greek yoghurt of your choice, I’m mad for this brand at the minute)
8x Icy pop moulds. I bought mine from Daiso in Melbourne.

What to do:
Its crazy simple. Put the yoghurt in a mixing bowl. Add the strawberries, almonds and rice malt syrup and stir well. Spoon the mixture into the icy pop moulds, put the lids on and freeze. Hint: To get the frozen pops out easier just run a little hot water over the moulds and gentle pull out.

So there you have it! Cheap, easy and most importantly HEALTHY and sugar free. I have to say that I am largely in favour to this ‘cool me down’ idea for summer than my sugar free chocolate ice cream recipe. The reason being there is no mucking around with ice cream churners which can be tedious, the recipe is so versatile (you could add blueberries, banana, mangos, cherries and coconut etc) and starting off with a yoghurt base means that you eliminate the thickening time in the fridge. The yoghurt is thick, creamy and ready to go and requires not much planning ahead.

A little tip to stay sugar free at work in summer. Take one of the icy pop trays to work and store in the freezer. That way when everyone else goes down to the milk bar for an ice cream, you wont be tempted and can still join in!


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