I had sugar – I hated it


Its been far too long since I’ve blogged about no sugar. I think the reason is that I have conquered the addiction and I dont need the blog so much anymore to help me get through the hard times. It was a great tool to help me initially but I dont need the help anymore. I am completely off it. I will post still about tips and products I find because I think that valuable and a always learning process.

Nothing has proved that more then last weekends activities. It was my 29th birthday last week. My Dad has bought me the same cake for many many years now, a vanilla sponge with pink sugar butter frosting from Wild Holly Cakes on Bay Street, Brighton. This year I was offered the same option and I accepted the offer of the cake out of curiosity. Come the 9th of August and its blow out the candles time. Served myself a piece of my most treasured sweet treat. As the sponge and cream touched my tongue it wasn’t so bad, but the frosting and the icing was intolerable. I ate the whole slice.

Immediate symptoms from consuming sugar for the first time in 6 months:

  • A overwhelming sensation on my taste buds causing facial squirming
  • A sort of slight burning sensation when swallowing it
  • I felt sick in my stomach
  • I got a headache
  • My face went flushed and felt uncomfortable

An hour or so later my mood swung to cranky and low patience (yes lower than usual friends) and I had this urge to just lie down because I felt so tired. Like I had ran and was trying to cool down. Exhausted was more a word. The next day I experienced bloating and puffiness around my abdominal area and also I felt it in my face.

I found this experiment truly fascinating and made me wonder how I managed to make myself feel like this pretty much my whole life. Because those symtoms were there before I just thought that was what feeling normal was. Now I know that there is a better place that does not involve a sugar rush.

To further back up my experiment and to test that it wasn’t just coincidence or circumstantial I had a piece of apple and cinnamon cake from the cheesecake shop on Monday of this week (a birthday cake from my Mum). EXACT same body response. I even still feel tired and irritable this week and I have had a slight headache/dizzy feeling since then.

God Im happy I dont eat sugar anymore. To those of you out there wondering; this is not a phase, this is a lifestyle choice that will continue. So don’t ask me ‘still going with the no sugar diet thing?’. I suggest you try it!!! 🙂


2 comments on “I had sugar – I hated it

  1. Interesting, I have just this week gone with NO CATS (No Caffeine, No Alcohol, No Tobacco, No Sugar/Substitutes). I have noticed changes, even though it is early.

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