IKEA sugar free cookies


sugar free ikea

There is noting worse then having to assemble a bookcase or chest of drawers and not having a bikkie with your cup of tea on your break because you gave up sugar. Well now you can! IKEA now has sugar free cookies. Now you can have it all. Clever furniture ideas for your home, storage solutions like no other AND sugar free biscuits. All under the one roof of glorious IKEA. I can die a happy woman now.

I was at IKEA on the weekend, like I am most weekends. Buying more things I dont need. Smelling the aroma of the store and feeling sentimental and nostalgic about when I used to work there. (For those of you playing along at home, IKEA is where I met my soon to be husband Paul back in 2004!!, the smell of IKEA takes me back to young love and carefree time of my youth). Anyway back to sugar free cookies. After scanning my items at the checkout and walking out barely being able to carry the 10 photo frames I just bought, the sugar free oat biscuit sign caught my eye. My sugar free radar was up and to my delight the ingredients listed no table sugar or stevia. The sweet part was Maltitol, one of the referred methods of taking in the sweet stuff.

Purchased, eaten and happy. Goes well with a  nice cup of Earl Grey. Enjoy!

ikea sugar free biscuits


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