My latest obsession

I feel like Winnie the Pooh to be honest, and its not because I’m wearing a big fur jacket today. It’s because I’ve found the greatest honey substitue on earth and I’m dipping my paws into the pot as I type. Yes that’s right, I’m talking about Rice Malt Syrup.

Rice malt syrup

Rice malt syrup

Some of you may not know, but honey (even raw organic honey) is about 40% fructose naturally. Only 10% shy of table sugar. So it is best to avoid if you are wanting to stay as fructose free as possible.

It was suggested to me by some of blog followers and also also some fans of the Sweet Poison facebook page that I give Rice Malt Syrup a try. I’ve got to be honest I was kind of not really into trying this at first and it was only when I made pancakes one night for dessert and all I had to put on them was banana and cream, I felt that it may be useful as a pancake topper.

Went to coles, bought the stuff. Dipped my finger into taste it and was sold. Next morning I had it on sourdough with some butter, just like old times I tells ya!

Winner on oats too with banana for breakfast. Looking forward to using on pancakes and also in recipes.

Try this you wont regret it.

Rice malt syrup

Winner on Oats!


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