Weet-bix vs Oat brits

Weet-bix oat brits, Weet-bix oat brits, Weet-bix oat brits, Weet-bix oat brits, Weet-bix oat brits, say that 10 times!!!

Breakfast cereals. Oh so convenient but oh so bad for us. Like most busy people I do not have the time to prepare ham and eggs every morning for breakfast before work. For the past few years I have known that arguably the best breakfast cereal for you is weet-bix. A long standing Aussie favorite that has not succumb to the modern day sugar coating like it’s rival morning meal buddies. Weet-bix does contain added sugar, it says on the front ‘low in sugar’ and even though it is second on the ingredients list, it is still below the danger line. It’s basically the closest you can get to zero sugar in a breakfast cereal.

Hubby-to-be comes home the other night, all excited with Oat Brits in hand promising to end ‘world added sugar at breakfast time’ epidemic. Skeptically I grabbed the packet and quickly looked at the ingredients. Low and behold! No added sugar. Looks like we are switching to Oat Brits (but only after we finish the 1.3kg pack of weet-bix I bought a day earlier). Nu-lax anyone?

Sanitarium weet-bix ingredients

Sanitarium weet-bix ingredients

Uncle Toby's oat brits ingredients

Uncle Toby’s oat brits ingredients

NOTE: I was in the supermarket very quickly last night and noticed that weet-bix have changed some wording on the front of their packets to say ‘no added sugar’. I didn’t get time to check the back so if anyone knows if this is true then let me know.

Weet bix on the left, oat brits on the right

Weet bix on the left, oat brits on the right


2 comments on “Weet-bix vs Oat brits

  1. Good on you for giving up other kinds of sugar, well done! The cereals mentioned here contain grains which are pretty much just carbohydrate/sugar, nothing good about grains, particularly the gluten containing kind. No such thing as a healthy breakfast cereal.

  2. Fiona’s got no idea so just flush her advice.
    Go the oatbrits because as a breakfast food its very good for you, especially for growing bodies.

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