3 months sugar free!

Well today is the 3 month mark! Raise your glasses of sparking water in unison and cheer hoorah!

I’m just watching the days fly by now sugar free and i’m not even missing it. Foods that I never thought were ‘sweet’ are tasting sweet now. Things that catch me by surprise like tomato sauce (it tastes ridiculously sweet to me now!!!!) if we go out for Chinese I can taste the sugar they use to cook with. Its like the main meal is the dessert, its just crazy. I now understand why we sweeten tea and coffe with milk, because milk tastes sweet. My taste palette has changed so much its actually really weird. The human body never ceases to amaze me.

I’m still having some crazy dreams though. Most of them involve me being tricked into eating sugar or nightmares about having no self control and gorging on sugar and instantly regretting it. Waking up sweating and nearly in tears. I must say this is the most unusual part of the whole experience. I dont really know how to explain it and why it’s still going on, because I’m not worried about it in the real world.  I’ve always been a vivid dreamer so I guess it is a natural thing to happen.

I’m at work today so I’m not about to bust the stomach out in the office BUT below is a little pic so you can actually see the difference in my skin, hair and basic overall appearance. I’m telling you the compliments just keep coming. Just today someone compared my to Delta Goodrem, OK not really but you get the idea.


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