Sugar content in drinks

Its no secret that there is sugar in soft drinks. I’m not telling you anything new and radical here. But I found this discovery in a local Chiro’s office really encouraging.

I was at a local Chiropractors office the other day. Brighton Beach Chiropractic on Bay street in Brighton if you are interested. I was there to actually just have a chat with one of the doctor’s there, Ben. I was not in need of any services but as a business owner I like to catch up with acquaintances to talk shop and learn about how others run a business and learn from each other. Its the best free tool out there when you want to build and learn to run a business and make contacts.

So anyway, I was at Brighton Beach Chiropractic waiting reception and I noticed on the desk that they were passionate about sugar too! ( I just love coincidences like that). They are pretty committed to overall health at their practise and healthy eating was a huge part of that. I took some snaps for you guys to see their awesome sugar display.

Sugar content in drinks

Sugar content in drinks

I guess the one that surprised me most was actually that nutrient water. I never had the stuff but see a lot of people drinking it for better health I guess. Also, look at the stats for red bull. More sugar than coke!!!!! Unbelievable.

Sugar content in drinks

Sugar content in drinks

Pretty much any drink you purchase except for water and plain milk  is going to have a truck load of added sugar in it. So my best advice would be to just stick to those two. If you want to mix it up a bit get sparkling water (and look like a Yuppie!). Your body will thank you and you’ll probably save money.


2 comments on “Sugar content in drinks

  1. Wanted to let you know about Zevia, my absolute favourite soft drink, when I need the bubbles. It isn’t cheap, but I dare anybody to tell the difference between the sugar filled drinks. Available at Aussie health products. I have asked Coles to stock them, but still can’t see them on the shelves.

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