Decorating eggs for Easter

First of all purchase your ‘turbo sleeve’ and dye from you nearest stockist of Greek easter paraphernalia. Mine are from Bakaloumas on Old Dandenong Rd in Heatherton. But I know they would stock these all over melbourne for sure. Then you will also need to buy alot of eggs from probably an egg farm. Its best to start with white eggs so you get a better and brighter end colour. I purchased my eggs from the egg farm that is next door to Bakaloumas. 18 eggs for $7, bargain!

dyeing eggs for Greek Easterdyeing eggs for Greek Easter

Put a black towel down on your bench and put a giant pot on to boil water. Prepare the eggs with their ‘turbo sleeves’ and when water has boiled dip the eggs with the sleeve in the water with tongs for about 3 seconds or until egg is nicely wrapped. Its important to try and line up the sleeve in the centre of the egg or it tends to look a little skewed. Do this for all your eggs and then place them ALL back in the pot and boil until they are hard boiled.

dyeing eggs for Greek Easterdyeing eggs for Greek Easter

Once the eggs are hard boiled then take out of saucepan and dry off. At this point you want to have your dye ready to go because I find if the eggs are still really hot when dyeing the colour turns out better. So work out which colours you want to go with what sleeve. You can also leave the eggs white too as I think this looks nice as well. Up to you!

dyeing eggs for Greek Easter

When dyeing the eggs leave them in for a really long time to achieve maximum brightness with your colours and make sure to spoon dye over and turn the eggs every so often for even coverage. The sleeves will look like they are changing colours but really the dye will not stick to the plastic. It just rubs off. You can also apply the sleeves after you have dyes your eggs but I find that the colour washes off too much when you do it in that order.

dyeing eggs for Greek Easterdyeing eggs for Greek Easter

I usually leave for at least an hour to get a great colour. When you are happy with your colour coverage take the eggs out of the bowls with tongs and use a napkin to polish the sleeve part to remove any dye that is ruining the decoration. You are now finished!

These eggs make a great table center piece for Easter, to decorate your house, a sugar free Easter alternative and you can also arrange them nicely in a box and wrap with cellophane for a unique Easter gift idea. You can still eat the eggs after all this too. We like to cut in half, splash some olive oil, salt and oregano on top or you can make egg salad, curried egg sandwiches or add to other meals. Nothing goes to waste!

dyeing eggs for Greek Easterdyeing eggs for Greek Easter

decorating eggs for Greek Easter


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