Slow cooker for winter beware

Masterfoods Thai Green Curry recipe base

If you are anything like me and love to prepare delicious meals with minimum effort then I know a slow cooker is a must for you in winter. Im always looking for new recipes and meal bases I can use. Chop the veggies, add a hunk of meat, turn on the cooker and while I sleep a delicious casserole does its thing. Too easy!

I have not been a fan of Indian cuisine or Thai cuisine for most of my life. However, I’m always open to new things and pretty much everyone I know raves on about the two. So I decided to take the plunge this week whilst I was at the supermarket and find a meal base for to get me started before I attempted my own Thai curry from scratch.

SUGAR CONTENT ALERT!!! Holy smoke. Upon further inspection of the new Thai range from Masterfoods it would appear that sugar is their main ingredient of choice! It even comes before the curry. It goes water, SUGAR, rest of ingredients. That is outrageous.

Masterfoods Thai Green Curry

I had a look at some of the other products available in the slow cooker range and low and behold most of them are choc full of sugar. Not as high as the Thai range but still in there just for a bit of addiction to keep us coing back for more of their products.

Bit of advice this winter, if you are into slow cookers and use the meal bases, check the ingredients for sugar content. They could be doing more harm than good. Or make your own stock from scratch. I will post a recipe on the weekend for a slow cook that I make from scratch and it is DELICIOUS!!!!


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