The devil is in my ear – & he is in the form of a cake

Nearly 8 weeks in. Feeling amazing. LOVING the complements “you look different, good different’ ‘Jacqui have you done something to your hair’ ‘wow your skin looks clear’ ‘I see the no sugar thing is working for you’. What a great feeling hearing that and also looking in the mirror.

But today I would f*cking murder someone for a pice of Duncan Hines Devils Food cake or a slice of Wild Holly Strawberry Cream Filled Sponge.

This ain’t easy!!!!!!!!!



4 comments on “The devil is in my ear – & he is in the form of a cake

  1. Don’t give up jac !!! You are doing incredible, reading your updates each week really inspires me and keeps me motivated to live a healthy lifestyle and that i’m not alone in this ! A treat i give myself is Barambah organic bush honey yoghurt with frozen blueberries and raspberries with crushed almonds. Its soooo yum and i love the frozenness of the berries. If u dont like natural yoghurt it takes a bit to get used to but its a winner 🙂 xxxxx

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