A diet shake with Fructose in it – oxymoron

I was round at a friends house the other night. She has recently had a baby and is feeling like she is ready to start eating right again and wants to loose some of her baby weight. As it is her first baby, the time that she dedicates to her new born is pretty high and of course like every new mother baby comes first. This is a real challenge for Mothers as they are time poor, don’t put themselves first and their lives are now no longer about only them. It’s hands on learning! Most of the people I know that have had their fist child end up eating on the run, making poor choices because of time constraints or worse not eating at all. I personally do not have children yet, and I can only imagine how this actually feels when its happening. I hope when the time comes I am educated enough BK (before kids) that this life carries over into AB (after birth).

Anyway back to the point. We were discussing options for her to be able to make smart choices whilst sleep deprived, tired, busy and one handed. She had bought a ‘weight management shake’ from the chemist that day and asked me to have a look over it to see if it was OK. I am amazed that advertisers and marketers of this industry can get away with what they print. The font of the pack says ‘weight management shake’. Turn to the back, look at the 3rd item on the ingredients list. FRUCTOSE.

Fructose is ingredient number 3!

In case you dont know, ingredients are listed in order of percentage in the food. So if its first on the list, that is what the majority of the product contains. If its towards the end there is not much of that ingredient in it.  So in laymen’s terms, this product is supposed to help you lose weight but it contains a high percentage of sugar. The mind bogles on how this is even allowed.

This type of marketing is so ludicrous that I even started doubting my self when I went to take some photos of the product for this blog. I had thoughts like ‘oh I guess if its on a weight loss product then it must be a special type of fructose’ or ‘maybe im wrong about fructose and i’m missing something here’. I’m believing the word of a ‘trusted’ brand like Blackmores over my own sense and education. Blackmores would never lie to me! Well im not missing anything, the fact is that this shake contains sugar and there is overwhelming evidence to suggest that sugar (fructose) makes you fat. Maketing  and food companies want you to believe otherwise and yes they would lie to me to make money.

I think my friend should just have some chocolate because at least that would taste better. It would probably have the same effect on her weight loss efforts anyway.

I suggested she pay a visit to GNC live well or something similar so they coud recommend a shake for her situation and wants. Also, just remember there is no special pill, shake or answer to making us fit and healthy. Its education, lifestyle choices and what we choose to eat it what gets us there in the end.

Till next time, dont forget to check that ingredient list, even if the product claims to be low GI, fat free, or no added sugar. There is a reason why it’s the law to list ingredients

By Jacqui

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