Dreams are funny things…

I’m so paranoid i’m going to accidentally eat fructose. If Sweet Poison has taught me anything its that sugar is added to most supermarket products. Its so easy to make a mistake!! Weeks of hard work avoiding fructose could be ruined by a rookie mistake. Pretty sure i’m doing a typical ‘Jacqui’ thing and over analysing the situation. For example, this week Paul bought me some fruit salad pre cut from coles. I have the fruit salad for breakfast in the car on the way to wrok. At about 10am I started feeing sick, I had a terrible headache and broke out in a fever like sweat. In a search to explain this sudden occurrence of symptoms I thought to myself  ‘I bet that fruit salad has sugar sprinkled on it and I’m feeling this way because I havent had sugar in 3 weeks’. Turns out yes I am crazy and paranoid, checked the ingredients on the bin salvaged packet and no mention of added sugar in there. Just plain old fruit, cut up in a container.

When you are not monitoring what are you are eating, sugar works for these companies by making them taste better and becoming addictive. When you are conscious about what ingredients are in something, its really hard to trust anything that is written on a packet. Of course a food company wants you to become addicted to its product! So why not put sugar in it?  It amazes me that places like Coles and Safeway are pretty much solely responsible for our ever evolving diet and the nutrition of ourselves and also our children. Actually it doesn’t amaze me. It scares me. Enter weird dream:

It’s a really hot day, i’m meeting friends down the beach. I’m holding something cold in my hand and sipping it through a straw. It goes down so easily in the heat. I meet a friend in the car park of the beach, she says hi and we chat for a while. She then points in horror to something in my hand and shakes her head in dis-belief.  Utters the words ‘I thought you were giving up sugar?’. I look down and to my horror I am drinking a slurpee!!!!! I dont even know how the slurpee got in my hand it is just there and I’m drinking away at it. I shriek ‘ I didn’t even realize I was drinking sugar!’ I throw the slurpee in the bin and the rest of my day at the beach is filled with regret, a horrible sugar headache and i’m about 40kg heavier.

Analyse that Billy Crystal….

Anyway as far as I am aware I have not accidentally consumed any fructose in 3 weeks. Hope that dream stops re-occurring because its a touch paranoid and making me feel weird.

On a lighter note, made some sugar free brownies during the week. I think they taste a bit like dirt and I need practise. I can taste the potential that this recipe has to offer so I’m going to give it another try. Here’s a pic of me making them 🙂

Mixing up some sugar free brownies.


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