A hunt for dextrose and sugar free lemonade.

The cool thing ( I think) about changing what you put in your body is finding out about weird and wonderful foods you never knew existed. It’s so like Science, and I’ve always had a soft spot for Science, particularly chemistry. Even though I’m just one of those ‘creative types’ now, in high school I always did very well in Chemistry and once considered it a career choice, however my TER score quickly dismissed that idea. The chemistry of the human body is fascinating and whenever there is a BBC special on about inside the human body i’m there with the popcorn.

Today I’m on the hunt for Dextrose (pure Glucose), which was a tip from Sweet Poison and also sugar free sponsor Susie to use in cooking as a table sugar sub. I am not mad on the idea of using Stevia or other chemical substitutes. So dextrose seems like the solution for this cooking experiment.

It’s important that you know the differences between Glucose and Fructose. Because whilst they are both sugars its what the body can do with them is key in giving up sugar. When most people say they are giving up sugar, its the fructose part they are eradicating. Glucose is actually the end product of ANY food that you consume.  Its what insulin does for you, converts food to glucose to fuel the body. Its how we live and its how we know we are full. Fructose, the body can do nothing with except turn into fatty acids that sit around vital organs doing damage like making you fat, destroying your Islets of Langerhans (causing diabetes type 2), promoting cancerous cells, CVD, fatty liver and generally reeking havoc on your body. Another interesting thing about fructose is that the body can’t send your brain a message that you are full because the calories aren’t counted. Ever sat down and eaten an entire packet of tim tams in one sitting and never felt full? Thats the reason. I HATE FRUCTOSE!

Actually something funny occurred to me last night. My Mum used to yell at me when we went to restaurants ‘dont fill up on coke and bread before your meal’, well science has now proved that theory wrong. The coke cant fill me up because there is so much fructose in it. If only I knew then what I know now, I could have had a great comeback. Actually Mum probably wouldn’t be letting me have coke if she knew all this then. So the arguement would’t exist! Lesson learned, you just cant win against Mum’s.

Anyway back the search for dextrose, play below……

If you woud like some more info on fructose and glucose suggest you read this book, its SO EASY to understand

Or you can see these links Glucose  Fructose  Islets of Langerhans


8 comments on “A hunt for dextrose and sugar free lemonade.

  1. Have you given up fruit too since you are not having fructose? I am not having sugar of any description on the dukan diet, no bread potatoes or rice either!! I found a sugar sub called erythritol at the health food store and it doesn’t taste like nutrasweet.

    • Yes I’m still eating fruit. 2-3 pieces a day is not a high intake of fructose. Plus there is fibre in fruit which helps the body do it’s job with it. When consumed together like in veggies or fruit fructose and fibre are completely safe. They are natural after all! Your diet sounds hard.. I’m not really doing this for a diet I’m doing this for a lifetime thing. Like giving up cigarettes. I need something sustainable and achievable which I think this is. We’ll see!

      • It’s only about $3 at Big W, almost like the price of sugar. Have you tried rice malt syrup yet? It’s great on Golden brand crumpets (no sugar) with lashings of Mainland Buttersoft (no vegetable oils). Tastes like golden syrup or honey but milder. That was my brekky this morning. Or on Coles Wheat Biscuits with full cream milk. Just had frozen blueberries with double cream as I only had a salad for dinner.

      • Nadine, thanks so much for the rice malt syrup tip. I love it… This is why I blog. To meet new people and share info..thanks again..

  2. No I havent tried the rice malt syrup yet, havent had a chance to go to the shops which is a shame. I just has some blueberries and cream for dessert!! Yummo. Everyone else had cheesecake with cream and berries, I skipped the cheesecake 🙂

  3. You can bake your own cheesecake, but for a quick taste you can mix Philly cheese and either cream or sour cream with a squeeze of real lemon and vanilla and it’ll set. Good for brekky with fruit.

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