2 weeks in…

2 weeks thumbs up!!!!

Two weeks in and I must admit I’m feeling really great. My previous sugar cravings have lessened significantly. During the day I find that I’m the best when I wake up in the morning and all through, but sometimes around that 3-4pm mark a might get a sneaky little craving. I must say at night after dinner is the worst time. It’s not every night it happens anymore, but still prevalent none the less.

I’d also like to point out that even though this isn’t  a weight loss initiative, I have been weighing myself to track changes in the body. This morning I have weighed myself and I’m down 1kg. Thats 1kg in two weeks by JUST cutting out high fructose levels. Its very achievable because I dont feel like I have missed or that I am in a strict diet. Its just cutting out the sweets.

Today being a Saturday I have a window of spare time in the afternoon so I am going to try out some new recipes for sugar free snacks to try and counteract the dessert factor.

First of all I am going to attempt making sugar free ice cream. I found this recipe – If anyone has a better recipe I’d be happy to give it a go

Or I was going to try this sugar free ice cream one out too which I have copied from the paleo porn facebook page I’m just not sure on the coconut factor.

Vanilla ice cream recipe
• 1 can coconut milk, full-fat;
• 3 eggs
• 4 tbsp real vanilla extract.
• 3 tablets of stevia crushed (optional)

1. Boil some water in a pot and then leave to simmer.
2. Place a heat proof bowl over it in a double boil fashion and pour the coconut milk in it. Place in the real vanilla extract and stevia with the coconut milk and heat until hot, but never bring to the boil.
3. Start to whisk the in a separate bowl. Add one ladleful of the now hot coconut milk to the eggs while whisking vigorously. The thing you want to make sure here is that you don’t bring the eggs to scramble (do this by slowly adding the hot coconut milk). Add two or three other ladlefuls of the coconut milk mixture and incorporate them to the eggs whilst whisking.
4. Now that you have just over half the mixture whisking in the separate bowl you are ready to pour this mixture into the original bowl where the coconut milk is still simmering on the double boil.
5. Whisk the whole mixture whilst simmering on the double boil for another 2-3 minutes bringing the mixture to somewhat of a thicker custard. Remember to still not scramble the eggs.
6. Once the custard is ready, place in the refrigerator to cool for 10 minutes and then move it to the freezer to harden.
7. Pull it out of the freezer every 20-30 minutes for 90 minutes and give it a quick stir.
And it is as easy as that to make sugar free ice cream. Feel free to add helthy toppings for your liking.

My tummy that is now healthier in and out!


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