I survived – just

The kids birthday party went OK. I didn’t have any sugar treats even though there was plenty to have. The Greeks have a tendency to over cater, and when it come to sweets there is no exception. I counted x2 large birthday cakes one chocolate one vanilla. Chocolate crackles (one of my favs), lollie bags to take home, profiteroles, mars bar cup cakes, chocolate cup cakes, and of course an endless supply of soft drink. I think there was also some more but I have blocked it out.

I resisted all the offers for cake and the general ‘Hellenic force feeding’ that was swung my way. I chose only to eat fruit to satisfy my sugar craving. I think I had about 10 pieces of watermelon and cantaloupe. I must admit though it was really hard.

The great thing about the party though was that everyone was interested in my efforts to give up sugar and particularly the Sweet Poison book. But as we were talking about it they were eating cake and that made me nervous and anxious.

When we got  home I really started to question why I am even doing this and even said out loud ‘sugar hasn’t killed me in the last 28 years so I’m sure I wouldn’t have died if I had a piece of cake’. Then proceeded pretty much to whinge like a child and sulk on the couch whilst watching Romancing the Stone. Paul went out at that stage, I dont blame him.

I’m glad I didn’t cave and i’m one day better off for not having eaten sugar. The fight will continue!

By Jacqui

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