Stage 1: Packet stuff

So I’ve just got back from the gym and used my treadmill time as thinking. I’ve really pondered how much sugar I actually do consume and I’m beginning to wonder why we dont have an ant problem in the house. Our pantry is full of it!!!!! So is my handbag!!! What is happening? I never go down ‘that aisle’ in the supermarket. It’s just little bits and pieces that have either been given to me as presents, box of choccies here and there, exotic sweets from overseas that I’ve bought as souvenirs and lollies that for some reason I buy and put in my handbag. Perhaps thats a product of my childhood, my Mum always had a sweet in her handbag in case a bribe needed to be offered.

In realising that I actually do have a diet that is perhaps higher in sugar than I first realised, I have put together a 12 month plan. I feel that this way I will be more likely to succeed with many short term goals rather than one long term final destination. Watch the video below to see what’s going first!


4 comments on “Stage 1: Packet stuff

  1. Ooh tough list to give up. I have attempted going sugar free this year (though am on a sort of hiatus as I am on holiday – oops). Some useful replacements for some of the things you mentioned: I mix unsweetened cocoa powder into hazelnut butter (we get it in the health shops in England and I imagine you could find it there). It tastes like dark chocolate nutella – great on some rice cakes. When hot chocolate season rolls around a chai latte offers some warmth. I use oat milk which has a really creamy flavour and just a shop chai teabag (though look out as some have sugar). Good Luck!

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