So i’m giving up sugar next week…

After seeing my friend Susie give up sugar cold turkey for a year now, reading Sweet Poison by David Gillespie and training with Dan T from Vision Brighton for 12 months. All the signs point to yes to eradicate sugar (fructose) from my diet. Below I begin my journey in video blog form. I hope to video blog once a week to stay on track and keep accountable. You are only as good as the support team behind you! I would love the support of my friends and family and am open to ANYONE who would like to come on this journey with me. Susie has already offered to be my sponsor, as this could be as hard as getting off drugs (not that I take drugs).

Resources for you…

Susie’s blog

Sweet Poison by Aussie author David Gillespie

Dan from Vision personal Training


3 comments on “So i’m giving up sugar next week…

  1. Looking forward to your journey Jacsun, it wont be easy.. there is sugar and sweet poison, in almost every bloddy processed food on every bloody market shelf.

    Start by decresing the sizes of each meal and spreading them out, I bet you’ll feel like shit at first, looking forward to that post… but then eventually cravings will caese and savoury food will be the new black!

    Good luck & god speed.

  2. Good luck with the challenge! After inducing a wheat and dairy intolerance (from baking and eating far too many cakes, desserts and puddings), I try to limit my wheat and dairy intake. But, god, it’s so difficult when so many food taste extra delicious when it’s in a wonderfully refined form.

    And yes, I often look at my disappearing jawline and widening waistline and despair… I can totally relate to the before/after photos of Alec Baldwin.

    • Good luck! Thanks for the comments, I love hearing about other people’s journeys.

      It is SO hard to find no sugar foods it is unbelievable. I hate that the world has come to this. One step at a time we can change things 🙂

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